Cotone Collection - Sleep well in Bed with our luxury Sleewear - Menopause or just a hot sleeper? Choose Cotton Sleepwear

Experiencing Menopause or Just a Hot Sleeper? Choose Cotton Sleepwear.

Here’s why...

When it comes to sleep, there's nothing more uncomfortable than overheating. All we want is a nice, dry, comfortable sleep, waking only to head to the loo and NOT because we’re lying in a pool of sweat! 

Assuming you're not burying yourself under a mountain of heavy bedding and blankets, the first thing to consider in this equation is your sleepwear, as it is the garment closest to your skin. It is crucial to ensure the fabrics in your sleepwear hold the ability to regulate temperature and not act as a clingy insulator.  

Cotton has been chosen over and over again as the favourite choice for those with overheating issues, and it makes sense. Research shows that people often experience better sleep when dressed in cotton sleepwear in comparison to those made by synthetic fibres. This is because it is an extremely breathable fabric that does not trap heat at the skin. Its absorbent properties enable it to wick moisture away from your body, all while allowing air to circulate through the weaves of the fabric. Sleepwear made with 100% cotton will work to soak up moisture and allow heat produced by the body to escape, leaving skin feeling airy, cool and dry.

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Synthetic, man-made fabrics such as polyester or rayon do the complete opposite. They don’t have the ability to absorb moisture like cotton, causing it to get trapped. Leaving you with that hot, clammy and sticky feeling.  

Cotton also skims the skin rather than clinging to it. It is unable to hold an electric charge, so it cannot stick to you in the same way other materials will. Which means you won't wake up to that static feeling in the morning that is often experienced with many synthetic fabrics. 

Once you kick that duvet off, the next worry that springs to mind is that you will leave yourself open to the possibility of feeling bare and chilly. With cotton full length pyjamas sets, you can be guaranteed to feel as though you're still wrapped in a light, soft sheet.

When looking to stay cool throughout the night, keep these rules in mind: 

  1. Steer clear of materials that tend to hold moisture such as synthetic fabrics like polyester or rayon 
  2. Opt for a looser fit to avoid restriction and direct contact between the fabric and your skin 
  3. Avoid all fabrics that are heavy or tightly knitted

Cotone Collection offers a range of 100% Cotton, luxury sleepwear sets. The debut collection is designed to be oversized and crafted from 100% muslin to create a 'baby blanket' standard of comfort. Its airy design makes it the perfect match for hot sleepers and over heaters! Why not come and take a look at our Cotton Sleepwear.