Cotone Collection Women sitting in taupe pyjamas

Our Mission

At Cotone Collection, we are focused on creating an intrinsic and minimalistic brand made from collections that are designed to transcend age and time. Our collections are inspired by quality and comfort.

We are not driven by trends. We believe in slow fashion, releasing items and collections only when we are certain they will be cherished and enjoyed for years to come. High comfort and high quality pieces with the ability to blend morning into night, daily lounge wear into sleepwear.

After all, we are our most confident selves when comfortably dressed.


Background and Ethos

Cotone Collection has always been something I’ve dreamed of creating. Strange to some, my obsession with high-quality materials and quality sleep began when I was a little girl. The perfect gifts for me were always highly focused on my down time.

I wanted to build a brand that captures the comforting feelings I associate with quality rest and relaxation. A brand that supported and nurtured a comfortable and restful sleep. I wanted to create long lasting sleepwear, that people around the world could keep and enjoy for years to come.

I also wanted to create a brand that I am proud to stand by. An Irish brand that provides you with the best of what Ireland and wider Europe has to offer. For this reason, all of our raw materials are produced within Europe, all of our products are manufactured in Portugal and our packaging is produced within Ireland from both recycled and biodegradable materials.

We strive to create the most comfortable, functional and stylish pieces whilst limiting its impact on the world, both socially and environmentally.

Founder – Hollianne Phelan.


Our Factory

Location: Golães, district of Braga, Portugal
Employees: 25 We have chosen a small factory in Golães,

Portugal to manufacture our debut collection. Founded in 1987, this factory is a 35-year-old family business that has been recognised for its consistent growth, character and ethos throughout the years.

With just 25 employees, this factory is extremely efficient and known for its authentic quality and love for garment tech. Our is collection extra special as it is hand made with care by seamstresses. The use of machinery in this factory is minimal and the love for detail and authentic garment making is distinct.


Why portugal

Aside from great employee and labour relations practices, we chose to manufacture in Portugal for a variety of other reasons.

Rich textile and fabric culture:
Portugal is currently one of the strongest textile industries in Europe and is becoming increasingly known for their expertise, skilled pattern makers and craftmanship. Our collection extra special as it is hand made with care by seamstresses. The use of machinery in this factory is minimal and the love for detail and authentic garment making is prominent.

Environmental Compliance:
All Portuguese companies must comply with environmental legislation. The textile industry in particular has been working exceptionally hard to ensure they conform to European and ISO environmental standards at a minimum. Portugal is also a world leader in the development of high-quality technical textiles and special performance fabrics made from recycled materials. This is an area we aim to expand into and incorporate into future collections. For now, we focus our products on natural fibers such as cotton.