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Simple Ways to PRIORITISE self-care

We too easily get caught up in the everyday hustle and can forget that we need to pause and take time to look after ourselves. Self-care is an absolute necessity when it comes to managing stress, reducing anxiety, improving our mood, and maintaining good physical and mental health. You'll notice it's importance even more-so when things go wrong or when you find yourself in the midst of a tough spell. If you've been slacking in the self-care department you'll experience a sharp reduction in your ability to cope and react rationally when times are tough. Which is why it's important to lay strong foundations and prioritise self-care rituals in your daily routine.

Looking after yourself isn't such a selfish practice after all. It deserves prioritisation.

So how do we make sure to carve out time for our self-care? Here's a few ideas.

1. Make your wellbeing a priority. Open the Notes section of your phone or pin a list to your fridge that identifies your daily, weekly and monthly 'Non-negotiables". Tick them off every night and do not negotiate.

2. Set boundaries. Learn to say no to people and be comfortable with it.

3. Block out time each day to focus on activities that make you feel good, such as exercise, meditation, journaling, or even just taking a walk.

4. Make physical and mental health goals. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly.

5. Connect with others. Make a list of the people that matter most and make sure to fit them in to your routine. Spend time with people who make you feel good and focus on building supportive relationships. Write down your social goals and be specific, for example; 'spend time with friends at-least twice a month'. Then schedule these meet-ups each month.

6. Develop healthy coping strategies. Learn to recognise unhealthy coping mechanisms and replace them with healthier alternatives. For example, practice self-compassion. Be kind and understanding with yourself, especially when you make mistakes or have difficult emotions.